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It’s 3 am and you have been told that an alarm has activated at your premises. Do you want to go and deal with it? Do you want your staff disturbed at home to deal with it? Are you or your staff able to respond safely? Have you/your staff received appropriate training in alarm response? Is it fair to ask your staff to risk disturbing an intruder? These concerns can all be addressed and resolved by using Precise Security’s mobile patrol and response service.

Login to your alarm system from your smart device.

  • Remote Arm/Disarm your security alarm from anywhere using your mobile phone
  • Free Event Notification for up to 10 users per device
  • Personal Safety Alarm sends mobile panic alerts with real-time location to users’ Pocket Secure contacts
  • End User Permission Control allows admin users to control which users can receive alarm and system notifications
  • Multiple Site Control enables your customers to remotely control and easily see events across multiple sites (e.g. office, warehouse, home)



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