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Access Control systems can be as simple as an intercom door entry system, to card swipe, video entry and proximity systems that can also integrate CCTV and alarm systems.

Electronic Security Access Control Systems use electronic equipment to identify an authorised individual and allow that person access to a restricted area. Access control can deny the physical presence of a person inside a restricted area. It also allows an owner to increase employee productivity by preventing unrestricted traffic to different areas of the building, as well as monitor movement of staff.

Systems can be customised to individual specification and installed with an eye on the future taking into account factors such as company/organisation expansion plans or possible changes in circumstances can be taken into consideration during the survey stage.

So whether your concern is restricting access to one door or many, we can help you determine the right type of access system given your situation and concerns.

Our systems and installation services include:

  • Single door “stand-alone” or multi-door code only/swipecard/proximity systems
  • Multi-building networks
  • Proximity, Weigand, magnetic stripe readers and biometric readers
  • Integration with CCTV, photo identification, finger print identification, alarm and fire functions

Access Control
Precise Security App

Login to your alarm system from your smart device.

  • Remote Arm/Disarm your security alarm from anywhere using your mobile phone
  • Free Event Notification for up to 10 users per device
  • Personal Safety Alarm sends mobile panic alerts with real-time location to users’ Pocket Secure contacts
  • End User Permission Control allows admin users to control which users can receive alarm and system notifications
  • Multiple Site Control enables your customers to remotely control and easily see events across multiple sites (e.g. office, warehouse, home)



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