CCTV Security Systems

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Precise Security uses a wide range of CCTV equipment from suppliers all over the world, including: cameras, lenses, pan & tilt heads, control systems, monitors and recording equipment.

Our extensive expertise comes from installing CCTV and integrated systems for over ten years, from single camera systems to multiple site systems incorporating large numbers of units. Systems are available from small one-camera/monitor applications for small shops or homes, to multi-camera systems, to on-site control rooms in the larger industrial or retail applications.

The benefits of CCTV security systems include:

– continuous surveillance, recording & deterrence
– detect & record till-fraud/pilferage/shop-lifting
– intruders detected, observed & recorded
– discreet or overt observation of property & personnel
– ability to remote monitor your premises, either via our control room or directly via the internet from anywhere in the world

Depending on your requirements, we can supply:

– High resolution cameras
– Systems with all-weather capability
– Pan tilt zoom cameras
– Sealed enclosures and tamper-proof housings
– Time lapse recorders or digital video recorders
– Remote monitoring