24 Hour Monitoring

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Security monitoring is about risk assessment and risk management. It is an important part of your overall security program, and it’s application and effectiveness is in part determined by the vigilance and reliability of those receiving and responding appropriately to an alert from your system in a timely and effective manner.

Within seconds of receiving a signal from a home or business the operator knows all your relevant information. In seconds they know:

– what type of emergency it is
– which local authorities to dispatch
– who to contact
– what to do if it’s out of hours/weekends or you’re on holidays
– everything they need to know in order to deal with your situation quickly and effectively.

Our leading technology is made even more effective by the quality of our highly trained security operators. Stringent recruiting and training programs ensure that all of our operators are capable of handling any type of emergency situation. All of our operators are trained to respond to critical emergencies for duress, panic, and environmental alarms. We have the best people in the business looking out for you.

We are able to offer alternative, cost-effective solutions to any organisation looking to establish an emergency call response, or to review their existing service provision.